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We offer the finest pressure washing at affordable prices

Professional Patio & Driveway Cleaning

Premier Clean Ltd provide the very best in patio & driveway cleaning, our high pressure jet washing and black spot removal service, deliver nothing but the very best of results for all of our customers projects. Professional spotless finishes are guaranteed for all ground surface types, we know what it means for all home & business owners who want to make sure their ground surfaces are cleaned professionally and to the very highest of standards without paying over the top prices.

We Clean all types of stone from concrete to natural stone.

Limestone   Granite   Sandstone   Flagstone   Portland stone   and much more

Got Black Spot?

Premier Clean Ltd know that pressure washing alone will not always remove all contaminates from ground surfaces. ​Our service will include the correct treatments for each type of surface and guarantee the safe removal of Black Spot and other pollutants.

Block Paving & Weeds

After cleaning, the blocks will require fresh sand to be swept back in to prevent any movement. This service can only be completed once the blocks are dry.

Various methods are available to prevent weeds from reappearing. Unfortunately, unless you have a good membrane installed under the block work? then future weed growth can be a problem.

Polyurethane sealants are available and can prevent or slow down the growth giving you a longer lasting clean and we are happy to discuss this service with you.

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