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Roof Cleaning & Treatment

Roof Moss Removal and Softwash Treatment Specialist. Cleaning your roof eliminates falling Moss, the risk of blocked gutters and damp which can cause serious damage with hefty repair costs.

We can professionally clean and transform your home or place of business prolonging the life of your property. We use AlgoClear® Softwash Pro treatment which is a simple method that has been developed to clean and treat roofs, renders, walls and ground surfaces.

At Premierclean Ltd we are focused on providing a friendly first class, and insured, roof cleaning service with the highest level of customer satisfaction

We Never Pressure Wash Any Roof

Pressure washing is not our recommended method as it will cause damage and reduces the lifespan of your roof! 


We always clean every roof by hand with the utmost care. We scrape the moss from each individual tile, then apply AlgoClear® Softwash Pro, which will gently clean your roof and repel moss growth for up to 5 years!

Our Roof Cleaning Process

We Always Put Your Property First


Step 1

Protecting Surroundings

Sheets are used around your home, place of work or garden to protect lower level surfaces from falling debris. We use our own mobile tower, ladders and roped harnesses to reach all areas of your roof. We manually remove the moss, using hand scrappers and brushes. No pressure washers are ever used during your roof clean!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Step 2

Moss Removal

 Once all the moss has been removed we will then clear away all the debris.

​We also ensure that all the gutters and down pipes are clear before we treat your roof with Biocide AlgoClear® Pro.

​The area we are working on will be left clean and tidy before moving onto the next section

Friendly Service That Cleans With Care


Step 3

 Treatment & Protection

After the preparation is complete, we treat the roof via a low pressure pump.

​This is used to apply a softwash solution to all areas of your roof to continue the clean and protect your biggest asset.

​Prevention is better than cure!

​Your roof will then be self cleaning for up to 12 months and will keep your roof protected from pollutants for several years.

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